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Based on existing spot inventories, we have launched a new sales model of sharing spot resources of nonferrous metal materials as well as domestic and global nonferrous materials, providing excellent service for customers. Customers can directly purchase related spot nonferrous materials from our “cash on-line supermarket”, which will provide one-stop shopping service like scattered goods, large quantity, processing logistics, etc. This kind of sales model creates great convenience for users. Since currently we are exploring it, sincerely expect to discuss and improve it with users, distributors and networks, together to create China’s first network supermarket on spot nonferrous metals materials and become online Wal-Mart for spot nonferrous materials.

Spot Inventory
5052铝板、铝片、铝卷明细表 铝带明细表 纯铝板明细表
5086-H116 9.5≤T≤45.0 Ningbo,Guangxin kg 10000
5052-H32 0.7*1220*C Ningbo,Guangxin kg 10000
5456-F 6.0≤T≤7.0 Ningbo,Guangxin kg 10000
1100-O 6.0≤T≤7.0 Ningbo,Guangxin kg 10000
6061-T651 10.0≤T≤100 Ningbo,Guangxin kg 10000
automobile aluminum plate 20.0≤T≤100 Ningbo,Guangxin kg 10000
automobile heat shield 0.4 0.5 0.6 Ningbo,Guangxin kg 10000
5052-O 6.0≤T≤7.0 Ningbo,Guangxin kg 10000
5052-O 6.0≤T≤7.0 Ningbo Guangxin kg 10000
6061-T451 10.0≤T≤100 Ningbo,Guangxin kg 10000
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